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 Posted: Wed Mar 14th, 2007 08:20 pm
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The Primary reason you're using a leader is to take the "shock" off the main line when casting - at least thats according to Barry Wareham, ex Bok captain. The greatest stress you're ever going to put on your line is when you're casting. The second reason you're using a leader is to have something with more abrasion resistance when a fish dives behind a rock for cover.

Therefore..... Riymos is right about the length - you need to have a few wraps around your spool in order to take the shock off your main line when casting. All the pressure from casting is transferred into the first wrap on the reel.

The "general rule" with strength is to use just under double your mainline strength. If your mainline is 35lb, then you should be using a leader of 60-70lb leader.