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 Posted: Wed Mar 14th, 2007 01:16 pm
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Hi Riymos,


I have found the best way of preserving them is by dumping them straight into a course salt and ice slush in a 48 liter or bigger colman.

Making sure you get them in there as soon as possible and don’t over fill the cooler no more than half to three quarters.

I normally take two coolers and about 8kg of course salt my cast net and buy about three 5kg bags of ice per cooler on the way if we know we going to get. Oh and R50 – R100 incase they out of casting range.


In the coolers I place a bag of ice and a bag of salt, then a layer of sards, about 3-4 fish deep, then another layer of salt, then ice, then salt, then another layer of sards, then salt and ice.

By the time you get home your sards will be chilled and ready to pack and freeze.


  • Pack in small quantities no more than 6 or so per pack, makes your bait more manageable.
  • Ensure you have all air removed from packaging, air = freezer burn
  • Get your sards into the ice while they still wriggling the ice will stun them quickly ensuring they don’t smash each other to a pulp.
  • Don’t be greedy, rather have ten dozen premium quality sards than a freezer full of fish paste.
  • If this sounds like to much work rather go buy IQFs or snookies
I know it sounds like a lot of effort guys and it is but trust me I used my last pack of sards from the 2005 run just last week and they were still top.




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