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 Posted: Wed Sep 22nd, 2021 09:07 pm
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Hi Guys so I got some clarifcation from the Safety officer of the Club I intend joining. Please see his answers below.
so I have quite alot to do this weekend.
    The Baronet has a step down into the cabin do I need to fit a bilge pump in there? And if so, where do I place it. I would imagine in the lowest point between the seats where the kids can step on it ☹ or can it just be loose and deployed when required?

    Yes with stepdown deck as is the case with Baronet craft you are required to have bilge pump fitted. This can be hand operated or the small Rule electric pump. The hand pump most guys fit either below steering or just inside the cabin next to the entrance door. 

    Fire Extinguishers? I have a single main 60HP outboard fitted along with a little 5hp Yamaha so will fit 2 extinguishers, however can I mount 1 near the helm and 1 in the cabin?  Or should I rather fit 3? 2 fire extinguishers will be ok and in the positions you have indicated above.

    Sound signalling device what device is approved for the bay? Can I get any Air horn? For “R” category any air horn will be ok you just need to demonstrate it works at time of inspection.

    Boat registration number – the boat has a number on it, will I be issued a new number? As I would like to get the stickers sorted before I come for COF. And possibly launch on the same day 😊 I cannot wait to get this boat in the water. We will issue you with new PAC number and provide club decals

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