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 Posted: Fri Sep 17th, 2021 07:16 am
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On my Moonraker, the bilge is continuous from bow to stern. Any frames have limber holes that allow water to drain aft. The floor in the cabin is below the deck in the cockpit, and there is a drain in the cabin that you can open to drain the cabin if it fills with water. That water will drain into the bilge. My pump is installed at the lowest point possible at the transom. So any water draining through the bilge can be pumped out easily. I also installed a float switch and an isolator on the main switch panel. Basically, when launching, you switch on the bilge pump and the float switch will pump when required. I also installed an inspection lid so that I can periodically test the bilge pump by lifting the float switch by hand... From what I've seen, the Baronets, interceptors etc are all designed and constructed fairly similarly to one another.