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 Posted: Mon Sep 13th, 2021 09:18 pm
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Oh so I was sitting in my garage the other day and that Yammy kept calling to me......
While sitting on my stool, I had a discussion with it and said if I can strip the power head off without breaking a bolt then I will spend a couple of bob fixing it
So I stripped the head off and found that it has tons of corrosion around the bottom cylinder so bad infect the head gasket can no longer seal. But I still had not broken a bolt, although it felt like it was about to.
I then removed the powerhead these 8 bolts came loose and I was able to lift the powerhead off, however I could not get them to drop out of the casing so had to drill 4 of them out, I then proceeded to strip down the power head, I got stuck with the conrod bolts as I need a very thin walled socket. but in any case she needs a new block, which I have managed to find one for R1000, it will cost me a rebore and 3 new pistons, rings, big ends and lower main bearing, a full  gasket set etc.
But if I can do this motor for under R7k well that’s chance I will take.
I also need to figure out how to free up the pivot tube it’s a little stiff, I can turn the motor left and right but it’s very very stiff and should not be like that. I had a quick look but could not find the grease nipple, but it was also getting dark so will tackle that job this weekend.
I told the guy doing the engineering to take his time and I will collect around this time next month. pity I could not find a trim and tilt for this motor the 75's are heavy, oh I will also fit the 85's heads and reeds that are matched to the new block.
The funny thing is I have not looked at the lower unit yet, the prop spins without making any noise, I will empty the oil and see what if any milkshake I get. I should have probably looked at this before deciding to spend bucks on the power head :shock: