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 Posted: Tue Jul 20th, 2021 09:19 am
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Dr halibut hoffman

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An ugly non painted lure thrown in front of a fish will catch 100% more than a fancy painted one thrown randomly in a spot that is not fishy..that's the first basic rule of lures, throw it in front a fish, the rest is secondary..paint jobs are tertiary.

Make sure your tackle, and you, can handle what you are targeting, make sure your hooks are sharp..LOL must watch marling baits' "first trip fishing in the sea, on a charter" They get hammered and loose fish after fish, those sea fish are no bass hahahha..

When they fish are in front of you and chowing, and you have dinner in the bag already, you whip out the fancy ones and painted ones and non painted ones and see what the fish prefer colourwise, or if it is rather action or cadence that makes a difference..when the fish are not chowing, you use the lure that catches you fish..that you trust as it has fed you many times before.. different coloured assist hooks,I doubt makes any difference..I've had fish barely 50cm long swallow my plugs with 7/0 trebles on, I doubt they looked at the hooks before committing LOL.