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 Posted: Wed May 12th, 2021 07:10 am
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There are not many waypoints, just one large reef towards jbay, inside shallow and deep marks but just follow the other boats and dont camp too close to them that is a huge expansive reef, put back poensies, red steenbras and other slow growers who's numbbers are way down, please..Please large miss lucies also leave them to make more babies, we need them..There are some deeper and more shallow marks on the way there for cob etc, but those marks pretty much dead these days unless some snot cobbies are in the bay as the cobbies stock is WAY down...The reef fish on most the reefs in the vicinity, the stocks are largely destroyed by years of chokka boats also having selective line fish licenses back in the day..pretty much every breeding fish was yanked out and sold for a pittance..In all my years fishing there we've caught one or two red steenbras, one or two baby poensies towards jbay, a young wreckfish and a jumbo 40yr old miss lucy..otherwise the large reeffish are fished out, some roman and basterman around..

The main technique here is drift, drift and spin, drift and bait, etc..if other boats are on a drift, respect them and dont drive all over them and up their ar$e..just assume your drift and observe what the game is..

Then there is the reef at St francis, one reef at the end of the point on the way there, and the main reef, both are parallel and extend out to see in a SW direction for a few miles actually, there are a few pinnacles but the main block of reef is the size of a taxi and please dont be one of the 20 plebs trolling rapalas up and down the same 20m piece of reef and putting all the fish down and deep. The reef on the point on the way out, if people are spinning on the point it considered courtesy to not trolling front of them and ALSO not to troll the points reef in its chops as their fish are coming from there and the boats put the fish down and make them skittish and then everyone on the val is wasting their time and it takes a lot longer to walk up the point than it takes to drive your boat out, and with a boat you have the entire ocean..

Then the coast towards tsitsikamma has marks but they are easy relatively..look out for the big shipwreck on shore on way, otherwise the reefs off every point..Winter though the fish move deep as most are gone, the resident big fish stay..