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 Posted: Mon Nov 18th, 2019 04:18 am
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Personally I find under-square ie width greater than diameter easier, but don't sweat it too much - you can tune it with the magnet and spool level.

Friend of mine has the MXL 6/4 Raptor.

Fireline - old spool markings:

20lb - breaks at around 50lb; 0.36mm
30lb - breaks at around 70lb; 0.44mm

Newer labels (we get the stuff labeled for the European market now in SA) I have yet to figure out.....
I bought a spool of (if memory serves) 23kg - I thought it would be the old 20lb.
It was the old 30lb - could not get it onto my, admittedly small, reel.
I swore a bit.

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