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 Posted: Wed Apr 24th, 2019 10:41 am
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Which dude? haha

Humans been "at it" before our written history, long before that.. You want to meet the aliens. They are all around us, always been, never left us..

Light beings, things we call angels and demons, spirits good and bad and ja the mantids, wasp-like aliens (many insects in alien form, in intra dimensional space, leading me to wonder how they see the world they live in?!), the whole see them all on a big enough orally active dose of DimethylTryptamine. That is my testimony, from personal experience and the opinion of most that have been there. Too I have tried to box and contain my experiences but when, after scientific analysis, you think things you've encountered a few times before are the products of your wild imaginations, and when you encounter them again, and again, and your mate turns around to you and says back to you, WTF, you mean you can see these guys too?! Whats that language they speak? Yeah after that happening a few times with different people, you rewrite your belief systems..And realize the futility of our law, when it comes to control of this?! The chemical our brain makes (and shuts down) every second of the day, except does not shut down a tiny bit of it and its' related compounds when we dream..all of which as illegal as meth in international law, and in more modern science is known to be produced all the time as a part of normal metabolic processes, by every mammal among others as well as in a huge swathe of plant families, seaweeds (which fish eat of course and in some parts of the world if you want to meet the aliens, you eat a whole pan of strepies, seriously!), frogs, you name it..lets say the chemical family is widely represented in life on this planet, even our own serotonin is an O and an H away from the most mind bending chemical man has ever discovered, which our bodies make as said, every second of the day, both in same synthesis pathways.. Legal cases are few and far between as it just takes one smart defendant anywhere, to bring the entire unlawful, international drug control legal statutes, on all drugs, crashing down.

But anyway..the aliens are no mystery they have been visiting us since we learned to read and write..How'd we learn to read and write again?? Oh gets juicy.

Next compounds on the radar for legal liberalization from unjust and unlawful control are psilocin and the above dimethyltryptamine. Wow..then we will see society move rapidly forward in our evolution! The acetate prodrug for psilocin, 4acoDMT, or psilocetin as it is either known is completely legal under our law BTW and produces exactly the same experience with 5mg as 1g of decent shrooms or 5mg of psilocybin (phosphate prodrug for psilocin, both found in mushrooms) and is available online and from chinese laboratories. The psilocetin and psilocybin are more stable than psilocin, the latter are illegal (unlawfully) in SA. The first is under no control whatsoever. I know of multiple court cases in south africa that had to be thrown out when it was proven in court that the compound, along with a thousand others, is not controlled whatsoever under our law..enjoy folks..its legal now, and has been for always..likewise there are at least 3-5 compounds as potent or near so, as non-toxic, and as good, or better in the LSD family that you can buy online right now that are completely legal in SA to consume, possess and trade. Enjoy folks..keep yer feet grounded, go fishing, it is good for the soul and when you meet the aliens remember you came from earth and you still have a whole life to live, for the betterment of mankind and the earth and all that live on it!
I can't get away from psilocybin, it (the fungi) follows me around, I moved hundreds of kilometers away and it found me, more than once, it only took a few years and once again I have species unknown to science appearing on my doorstep literally, potent no play games species too. Blows me away every time it happens, they find me. This time, not one, but three species on the same day, one new and two described, but not in the area..Now if that ain't alien..Eat enough of them you too will meet the aliens. If you were lucky like me you were just born into the magic! I can't get away from it, must be in my blue viking blood.;)

#UCK! You want some interesting listening, not necessarily about the aliens, but it is all intertwined. History, rewriting and also repeating itself. Graham Hancock, a talk on Joe Rogan Experience..The latter by the way also not shy of the subject of ayahuasca and the aliens, both proponents of the view.

"Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as “Fingerprints Of The Gods” & “Magicians of the Gods”. His new book "America Before" comes on out April 23."

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