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 Posted: Mon Mar 4th, 2019 06:28 am
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Serra Moz

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Psy wrote:
willem wikkel spies wrote:
the only thing troubling you guys are the current spam.

just deleted 4 treads now.
about 30 odd for the week so far.

again, we can only delete them.
we cannot ban the users.

we do not have the fights like in the old days.
thus we do not need another 10 mods.

I will see if I can hold of emps and see what he advises.

will keep you guys updated.

I disagree .... some of us login here daily
Some are on all day
Some of us are in different time zones the world over. We are online when you are asleep !!

Don’t think one person can run a factory !!
It takes teamwork and dedication !!

wise words