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 Posted: Wed Feb 27th, 2019 07:17 am
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Psy wrote:
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Guys, please don't blame the admins for this. this is a forum at the end of the day which means that anybody can join and anybody can post. This forum would not be what it is today if we didn't have that type of privileges.

A possible fix for the issue:
Any new members who are trying to join should have to answer a question as to why they are interested in joining the site, and admin can vet them before they are allowed access to the site.

Alternatively, a rule for new members posting where the post gets vetted by admins before it's posted.


Its a good suggestion, but where are the admins? They used to be here all the time a few years ago. Members report posts and literally nothing is done. People send emails and they never get a reply. Sealine admins dont get paid to operate the site and we get that people have lives outside of Sealine and life gets busy sometimes but lately its looking like they left the building altogether.

There are admins. but their hands have been tied. No administrative authority. Only Emps can do something about anything.

Howsit Bennie
Howsit Ouens.... there are admins yes!!
As said we can’t do what we would like to make it better!

I am one of the admins here as well as the FB page, and have put a few silly/stupid questions in so that the “knuckle-heads” don’t just jump in and post spam.
That being said I don’t add people who Don’t answer the silly questions asked.
Yet I see they may/might be added by “other” admins!!

(just saying)!


LOL... Bom dia meu irmao,,, todo bem...!! Claro amigo!!!! I don't even know who is admins to be honest, only know the coloured names are for experts . mods different sections etc... Yes I agree with both sides... "draad sitter" LOL, no - but understand, it is frustrating to see those spam "gemors" LOL. I am admin on one FB page, yes it's hell sometimes, I have *caustion myself for using words like sh.t etc... good luck