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 Posted: Fri Dec 7th, 2018 06:42 pm
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Key points:

Operation in terms of public and public safety.

The 50m rule, all comes down to respect and courtesy and realising that if you by accident or purpose injure anyone or damage property as a result f your actions with the Drone you are and will be held LIABLE

If you use you drone for financial gain in filming, surveying, security etc you are required to complete the RPAS Pilots license as your work will put you over, between people and buildings

You must fly Visual Line of Sight

You may never exceed 50m altitude.

Airports and key points are no fly zones and Drones from reputable suppliers have pre-installed software limiting flights in these areas. I have a Military airfield close to where we fly on a registered SAMAA field and when we encroach on the border you can actually see how the software pushed the craft lower and lower as you encroach on controlled airspace. It is a Virtual Cone in the air around and above the flight zones.

As for camera's and encroaching on Business, Personal and National security there are very clear privacy laws of which South Africa probably has the most outdated and draconian law's in the world on Arial photography WTF people are trying to hide is beyond me.

I fly with a FPV camera mounted with no recording but to get a Virtual in Craft flight experience in our racing drones running courses at 0-180km/h between the trees and obstacles.