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 Posted: Fri Dec 7th, 2018 06:33 pm
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As a manufacturer and drone Hobbyist I have been in contact with SACAA as well as SAMAA in terms of the Drones and Drone fishing

The general drones used for purposes of fishing ie Phantom 4, Cuta Copter, Swellpro etc, etc are indeed Model Aircraft

"Remotely piloted aircraft" (RPAS) means an unmanned aircraft which is piloted from a remote pilot station, excluding model aircraft and toy aircraft.

"Toy aircraft" means a product falling under the definition of aircraft which is designed or intended for use in play by children.

"Model aircraft" means a non-human-carrying aircraft capable of sustained flight in the atmosphere and used exclusively for air display, recreational use, sport or competitions.

The CAA regulations are clear and concise and included in their web page: