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 Posted: Mon Mar 26th, 2018 03:34 am
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Looks cool, referring to "Luke's goodies" - again see in my case, I will now have 2 x H-Frames, yes sounds like an overkill or might to some? Not so, for me, my boys are no 9 + 11yrs old, so basically - one set up can serve as an "all in one" for the 3 of us for the beach, the other, for when I overnight on my ace, I have quite a few set ups like that (different bags) one for bass / fresh, 1 small for spinning, 1 small for reef, of course different in size these, I have a lot of tackle and pouches, so no need to scratch and repack for each trip, should it be a different application..... well some of the pouches / bags / box ect, I got for very cheap years ago, or bought second hand. Tackle Junkie? hmmmmfff, perhaps....LOL, not really - just know when I see a luck! For now, I will stick to the ammo box, idea I spoke about yesterday, and then just transfer / mount all the stuff from the old "SeaHorse" box, on the ammo box.

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