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 Posted: Fri Mar 23rd, 2018 02:11 pm
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JeandlH wrote:
Serra Moz wrote:
I got one from SeaHorse that time, but my box cracked (stukken) can be fixed with a new one. But with this frame I will add a "Vali Moosa" from Teza Tackle in DurbsAren't those Vali Moosa bags made to carry a Safari chiller or similar underneath them? But I assume they are not comfortable at all if you're going to place it on the H-Frame?

Correct 100%, but with the H-Frame, support on back and waist strap ect, it will be much better, should you take a walk on the beach. So I will have 2 x set ups like this, say one for mix fishing and then one for "real" fishing....LOL, or something like that.