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 Posted: Thu Mar 22nd, 2018 11:28 pm
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Pylstert wrote:
Psy wrote: It is a quality product!
I bought the frame and box...webbing etc when a chap was making them many years ago ...'SEAHORSE tackle' (search this site) if I remember correctly about 500 rondts!

SEAHORSE tackle since flew the years dragged on.

However that frame I still have and has proven well worth the money paid.

My memory is kinda was called Seahorse....those years we did an extensive chat session over tackle boxes. see linked thread, with all the Ou Rookers....

but anyway here's another pic

I am not the best businessman, they should really have sold for much more, wonder what bill is flogging them for now, not that I need a new one lol, they last

I will call Bill soon and check in...this is a fantastic frame that will not break the bank or crack with wear and tear.
My original frame still in very good condition, webbing somewhat worn-out.