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 Posted: Mon Nov 27th, 2017 01:43 pm
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Honestly every answer given is 100% correct, although different. I have flown all over the world with Line / Hooks / Lures.

Sometimes they allow you sometimes NOT, (same airline), in Brasil/Africa - they could not care less...300mm to 400mm size (length) vertjigs, no worries, I have picked up hassles from Durban to Jozi (SAA)...

OK, I know what you aiming at, as it's usually an item with weight and now you want to "gain some weight" by putting it on your "carry ons" Hence you can load more stuff in the "checked items" - The problem is sometimes once you checked your stuff, it's difficult for them or a nasty Nazi type lady might refuse to "recall" your checked bag - should they have "red carded" on the carry on idea. What do you do then with the jigs???...Call a friend? So it's a gamble, I also do understand why you want to take your own, simply it's available, and of course cheaper in SA, you pay thru your ass for stuff in Mauritius + Seychelles = Ask me !

So do this, why don't you contact the airline, and explain your story, thus getting a yay or nay, before hand?

Again it's up to the dude sitting at the scanner, but, do wish thathe has a terrible hangover...and overlook you.