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 Posted: Mon Jul 31st, 2017 10:55 am
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Hi Guys,

Thought I'd post a topic on a rebuild ive got in progress as I couldn't find much info on this types of hulls. This is done by my crew and I in our spare time using basic tools you'll find in your garage, material from your hardware except for the marine ply which was a pain to find in Mpumahlanga.

From the start...

My partner and I came acros this boat: An old 480 with mid 2k yammie 70 motors. The hull seemed ok and the motors were in great condition. The boat needed some cosmetic work but all in all showed promise. we took her on a 2 week holiday in KZN and she shined. Unfortunately We noticed some cracks on the top edges in the gel coat and had it checked by a knowledgeable person. The verdict was to have the transom resealed as its still healthy but wont stay that way if left as is...

Long story short - I had to buy out my partner due to other responsibilities and decided to do the resealing as a winter project.... the reason I mention this is what would have been shared expenses is now on one wallet and I just cant afford a professional rebuild at this point in time.

As you could guess ... upon opening tho top side gelcoat... vrot. The old cobra transom is glassed so thick the tapping method to listen for hollow spots was ineffective. The job ahead became clear and Homework needs to start.

I did a lot of research on howto's on google and youtube... and spoke to couple of boat mechanics. but very little info in form of a how-to-guide was available to replace a cat's transom.

first things first...

Reasons not to DIY

1. If I knew then what I know now... I would begged borrowed and stole the money and fork out the 25-35k to a reputable shop and wait for my boat. then again if i had a spare +-R30k laying around I would have had it done professionally anyways. I truly do understand now why a transom rebuild cost so much...

2. You need at least a moderate level of fiberglass knowledge to take on a project like this. If this type of project is your first... don't. You'll probably end up spending more than the original cost.

3. I have a few friends in the trade who's helping with advice as I go along, If you don't have this resource - don't do it yourself.

4. Its a lot of labor and consumes a lot of time. Twice as long as it would take a pro.

Anyway this tread should help you to take on a similar project in the future.

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