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 Posted: Wed Mar 8th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Would mealworms not work the same for bait? I've used them for kurper in place of earthworms and they got nailed..Nice tough bait too compared to earthworms, if I recall I'd often get a few fish on the same worm. Easy to keep, oats and carrots in a tub on top a cupboard in the kitchen and don't smell etc. read up about it, just keep the local geckos out the tub or you will wonder where they go to. To quote a mate, a bird will sell their soul for them ,  sheesh once they've tasted them. It's true. I've tamed wild birds here to sit in my hand and eat them. I'm sure fish are the same. My pet swordtail nails the tiny babies like there is no tomorrow. Just a thought.. Bird crack may be fish crack?

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