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 Posted: Fri Dec 9th, 2016 08:35 am
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Thanks especially Enigma for the education. As usual nothing is as it seems. It is all becoming clearer. By the way the reason for the 30 cm butt. it is the best balance I can find for me between being able to flick an accurate shot spinning style whilst still having a comfortable reel height for bringing Bronzies over the bank. The standard butt length literally gives me a pain. The longer fore grip is just for comfortable leverage at the sensitive stage of actually running the fish up with the surge. For the life of me being a right hander, I cannot consistently cast with my right hand up the rod and my left fore finger on the trigger casting multiplier style. Gremlins built a 9 foot shad drift bait rod for me on a Purglas carp blank to that configuration and it is just perfect. Strange but true.