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 Posted: Wed Dec 7th, 2016 07:40 am
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Enigma wrote:
IWyk wrote:

11ft Sensation short range(1-4 Ounce) Old blank if you can get one ???????????????????????????????????

The new one is Black and no longer with gaudy white on it and it is the same BLANK.... 100% they changed the layout a bit so it feels different.

While we're on this I went and had a look at the 8' and 110H Exage's that everyone is saying are DIFFERENT..

Believe me with I compared the old and new Blanks (not the rods) The blanks are the same blanks from the same factories, someone however listened to to many COOKS and they SPOILED the Broth, changed guide sizes and number without considering the effect it had on the functioning of the RODS

The new 110H is from what I found and what was confirmed by the rod distributor, EXACTLY the same blank as was always used.....

Good to know the short range is using the same blank(before I bought mine the tackle shop said the new range will be coming out with a different blank). I got the old ones and the set-up seems perfect for scratching and I can also use them in the river for carp angling. Just had a look at the new ones and they actually look nicer than the old ones. (two here on classifieds).

As for the old Exage range, same blank or not I prefer the layout and action etc. of the old models.

With regards to the new Exage range. If they are the same blank is the new 110H available in spinning configuration or still only in casting?
Could make a nice heavier scratching rod for the bricks where long distance is not required.