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 Posted: Mon Dec 5th, 2016 10:58 am
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My last stick was a custom and I am so happy with it. Based on the top 2 pieces of a 3 piece blue marlin blank, 10ft but not for scratching though. I also had my exceller 9'6" re-custom built and butt lengthened to a 10' as I am a lang been chap. This is my light spinning rod, not for scratching either..The action for example of the 9'6" is perfect while the longer exceller blanks are just that tad too stiff for my application. That just to illustrate that being able to tweak and setup a blank for what you need makes all the difference. My heavy grinder spinning rod (11ft exage) come to think of it, I also had rebuilt with decent fuji eyes and a bit of love and it throws like a different rod, rod action is crisper and rod is lighter and whether I get better distance or not, I get less fatigue, casting heavy lures all day is a pleasure.

So I'm basically saying if you want that rod just for that task, get it built for you custom, it is well worth it. Blank-wise in 11ft, to throw between 2 and 4oz, I'd look at the 10'6" oval blank, custom with a few inches added to the butt if possible, or left as is with a guide system that gives the extra few metres you need on a cast that you want the longer rod for, or good blank with the correct and light eyes that give the tip the crisp recovery that translates into the extra metres that are needed.

Enigma here had a hand in the design of that blank and is around here, so direct some questions his way. I've fished the 12' and 10'6" oval and they are really nice. The 12' is a beast, too much for light scratching. I think that the oval is the best value of blank you'll get for your bucks in SA, BM also. With a custom stick your options open up to get exactly what you need though.

You should see grootvis' "golf club" collection haha he just builds himself a rod or 2 for each new application he has.. :)

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