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 Posted: Mon Dec 5th, 2016 10:03 am
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Hi to all Sealiners.
I have become somewhat of a scratching specialist in my area of the South Coast and over the last 10 years have been on a quest to find the right tools for my conditions. I have found by trial and error that just as one club in your bag won’t make your golf successful, neither can there be one rod for all conditions. What I am particularly asking for is advice on a rod or blank for very specific conditions and for my style. This is going to be difficult to keep precise I can see.

Between low and mid spring tide (about 3 hours) when there is rolling foam with bouncy water, I can fish pre-dentified pockets. These are only 30 to 50 meters out in fairly shallow water. The scratching can be excellent all year round on a 2oz sinker and small bait on a “helicopter” rig. When the tide gets higher or conditions rougher I change to a 12 foot Pentagon light with a SL20 and 3-4oz sinker, perfect for me. Back to the 2 oz. setup. So accuracy is important, not long casts, break-offs frequent, it is rough underfoot and wet. I use a grinder (soon to get a new reel probably Fin Nor Lethal), 30 lb braid and 25 lb maxima leader (long). Target species mainly Bronze and Stone Bream, Rock Cod, Shad, small Cracker and Cob, Cave Bass. That sort of thing.

I have tried many rods, chopped some shorter, but not there yet. I have tried the Poseidon ultra-light (borrowed) and broke it. It was too stiff anyway. I am currently trying a Blue Marlin Raptor 316. Slightly too short and poor quality single foot guides which keep breaking. A full list of rods I have tried can be provided if useful. Following is a list of key requirements as far as I can be certain, but I am trying to also be open minded.

Rod length: 11 foot.
Reel mount height: 30 cm exactly– spinning configuration
Fore grip length: 40 cm
Blank specs: Stiffish mid and but section, not too fussy about the tip. Like the Raptor and Purglass 350/0 action. Purglass 3000c too slow. Must be sensitive.
Rod weight: Not really an issue but must be tough.
Guides: Good quality, braid ready, double foot.

Lastly, I am not one for aesthetics and pretty finishes. Just a practical tool for this specific requirement. Any tips, suggestions I will gladly research. Any more info I will also gladly provide.

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