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 Posted: Thu Sep 11th, 2014 10:12 am
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44 Anglers took part in the 3rd competition of the season on 6 September. The arwa was Strand to Kleinmond and the guys spread out over the area as the sea was fairly clean and flat. Some guys chased points while other had their sights set on prizes. The day turned out much better than expected with 10 of the 11 available prize categories being won.
Biggest shark - Ashley Campher- Spotted Gully Shark of 25.2kg - Shimano Spheros 20 000 Grinder.
Biggest Ray - Ebrahim Howell - Biscuit Skate 46cm - S/steel rod stand and R200 Big Catch Voucher.
Biggest edible - Mike Bailey -1.7 kg Galjoen - Shimano Torium 20
2nd - Ruan Burger - 1.7kg Belman - Penn Fierce 6000 reel
3rd - Ebrahim Hamza - 1.4kg kob - R500 Big Catch Voucher
4th - Ebrahim Hamza - 1.3kg Steenbras - S/Steel rod stand
5th - Don van Blommenstein - 1.3kg Blacktail - suffix 832 20lbs 300m

Most points
Mike Bailey - 6 species R400 Big Catch Voucher
2nd Ebrahim Hamza 5 species - R250 Big Catch voucher
3rd Jacques Ackhurst - R150 Big catch Voucher.
The next competition will be in October in Struisbaai with even more prizes. Anyone welcome to enter. Well done to the prize winners!

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