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 Posted: Tue Jul 29th, 2014 11:07 pm
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Hi wowbaas,

Thank you for the reply.
No, No 2M, Laurentina or anything similar.
I keep my head clear when I drive. I tried to center the cruiser in the narrow roads, but not always possible. The tyres did not help either - road tyres with hardly any grooves. I dropped the pressure down to around 1.5bar, but I felt the LC wobbling quite a bit maybe because the LC width was larger than the V of the roads?? Or maybe i am just a bad driver !!
Anyway, in the beginning I got worried, but later I just ignore it. I was not going to allow that to spoil the trip.
The company in the car was great, and we were constantly talking to each other, and that also kept my concentration away from the road.

You have a nice house there. Good position, and well designed. Do you often drive there or always use a boat? Which route do you take? Is the Namahacha road any good? Last time I used it was some 5 years back, and decided not to use it again, as the swazi roads are full of animals, with a 80km/hr speed limit most of the time. It took quite a few hours to cross it. After the border, the roads were ok with occasional potholes.

Do you have contact details of the developers in Santa Maria? Any recommendations? I have heard that Jose does good work there, but I think he is just a builder??

I have read all the threads about Moz investment, but very rarely does anyone post good news. Most only talk about what went wrong, and deals that went well are seldom mentioned??