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 Posted: Wed Jan 29th, 2014 03:27 pm
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Went out last Friday for a quick hours session. Had quite a bit of action with some of the smaller geets then decided to go and try a spot close to the lodge for 2 quick drifts at sunset. Although we don't get the numbers out of this spot, all fish are a very good size! First cast of the first drift and had a bus of a fish smash my Halco. It quickly stripped line off of the stella, I tightened up all the way but there was no stopping it. Slack line, REEFED! Super bummed and not keen to tie on another leader we left for home.

On Sunday the girls were keen to have a quick snorkel at one of the reefs. I decided I would take the rod along and seek revenge on the beast from Friday. A couple misses early on and then VAS! After a good fight had it at the boat. A nice111cm FL. Not the giant I was after but still a very good fish!

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