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 Posted: Fri Jan 10th, 2014 03:51 pm
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09/01/14: Morning session was ok and we boated several geets up to 95cm. Nothing too spectacular.

Lunch time session something crazy happened, We are pulling poppers and we see a marling following one. immediately switch over to stick baits. Our one guest casts in his little bopara 100 and goes tight!!! Big pull! We know this is going to be a good fish! A proper fight and one very tired angler and we get the fish closer to the boat. We see that its not one but two fish! And two good fish! One is a good gt of 120cm and on the other hook a grouper of about 20kg! I have seen double hook ups before on the same lure but they are usually much smaller fish. We land a couple more smaller gt's after this and retire back to the resort.

Evening session, this was one of the most frustratin sessions I have personally ever had. We landed a nice fish of 104cm early on and then I proceeded to have 12 hits and not one fish stick! Very frustrating as they were mostly very good fish!