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 Posted: Fri Jan 10th, 2014 03:18 pm
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08/01/14: Morning session started off with not a breath of wind so we decided that we would make a run for some of the shelves we fish in the open sea. We first stopped off at one of the deep drop-offs just off the island as we know there are big Geets here. First drift, popper gets pulled just as a monster of a gt tries to swallow it! Two more drifts and two more big boils we figured we should head off and try the outer ledges. First spot yielded a small 80cm GT, we then decided to move further south and try for a few doggies. Stick baits out, within 5 minutes we had one of about 12kg on. Nice fight, onto the boat and off to fight another day. Wind started to pick up quite strong by now so we casted for another half hour. We had some spectacular takes from the doggies but nothing wanted to stick. We decided to leave so that we could make the long run back.

Mid day session, did a quick session, and this was the start of the good fish coming out. Although only one fish was landed, we had many more big boils. Our activities manager went tight with a good fish and after a solid 20min fight brought a very nice 120cm gt to the boat. It was a great moment for as this is currently his PB.

Evening session, headed out for an afternoon session. We got two BUS big eyes and a few small geets and then one of our guests had his plug sucked in by a monster fish! Stella 10 000 with the upgrade went screaming off even thought the drag know could go no tighter. Then all of a sudden SLACK! Reel in nd the 80lb braid had snapped! WHat a bummer as this was a seriously good one!