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 Posted: Thu Aug 7th, 2008 02:17 pm
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YUP, Wayne hit the nail on the is truly beautiful on the West Coast.....we have a beach house in Britannia Bay (by dirt road - 6Km from Paternoster) and at least once a month we have to go down there. Place for the soul.

great for the family as well, with some of the best restaurants in the country right there.....the Noisy Oyster in Paternoster being one of our favourites - an eclectic little place (owned by the previous owners of the Brass Bell) and I assure you that it will be difficult for anyone to beat their mussels!!!!

As for the fishing? Well, I am a newbie to the West Coast but hope to learn a lot from Wayne and some of the other West Coast SeaLine locals. Roll on Kob and Elf season....some of my gear is already down there waiting.

Oh yes, and next month the flowers come up resulting in one of the most spectacular shows of colour to be seen anywhere!!!!

Something else that fascinates me, go into the local shops in Vredenberg, Saldhana, Langebaan etc. and everyone SMILES!!! I kid you not....unlike up here, they are helpful and genuinely smile......hugely refreshing when we become used to seeing sour faces so often in shops inland.

The West Coast ROCKS!!!!!