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 Posted: Mon Nov 26th, 2012 01:50 pm
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Like most of us I am also a proud Saffer, own business, working our butts off, providing jobs, paying vast amounts of taxes and generally speaking, sucking up loads of crap for the 'previlige' of conducting it legally, ethically and productively. Never give up/in remains one of my favorite sayings,....will never leave SA, I say....proudly South African I say.
Then, why do I find myself thinking I would be doing the country good if I retract/disengage from the economy ? I realize that it is going to add to the immediate distress of more people, add hunger, push up crime, poorer levels of education and basic services, less self respect for the vast majority of our nation....and yes, certainly me and my family shall also be affected negatively.
The notion of standing up from the ashes would not go down well with economists, business people, farmers, investors, mining houses and and and....but in my mind if we all take a huge hit now we can get on with making it better so much quicker. This country has been steadily degenerating for almost two decades, if we keep on doing what we are doing for the next 20, I am certainly not going to be a proud citizen anymore. The abuse of this land has taken its toll and we have gone into survival mode, looking out for oneself and forgetting that unity and working hand in hand is the way to go. Like the farmer I want to build this country, not be tool for delaying the inevitable.