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 Posted: Sat Nov 24th, 2012 12:44 pm
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Well guys what an experience at wave crest Hotel, it was so Relaxing and the people there are out of this world helpful and always smiling, the staff are great and will defiantly go there again.
From Home to wave crest is a long Push over a 1200KM from Vaal marina, but at the end it was worth the long haul the road are not that great from Umtata to Were you turn onto the sand road to Wavecrest, the gravel road is better than same places on the Tar road.
The Accommodation is great, food good and the bar and People there are stunning, swimming Pool.
Well you all waiting to hear about the fishing well November I suppose is not the best month with the inland raining and most rivers running into the sea making it look like a dam, but the one by Wavecreast was clear, no big fish in the week were done there but we did get a few Sand Sharks from the block and also in the river, on the left of the rocks, buy the wooden walkway.
Ons small salmon Kabejou as they say, 400mm came out als on the block, and that was about it.
We toke a drive up to Mazepa for the day to have a look there and the wind was Pumping heavy and had the honors of meeting the guys there from ASFN while they were Fishing for Sharks, Johan Beukes when he caught a nice big Raggie I would say about ±130kg and then a second one was caught by their other member of there team it took Johan ±1 ½ hours with his and the second guy 2 hours easily.
As I said I will definitely be going again, but will take a small boat with a 5hp motor to go up river and drift back I am sure we will get some big fish.
I have added a few pictures of Wave crest and Mazepa, Thanks to all the gave me input of the Great place, Tight lines to All my Fellow Sealine Friends.
Cobus thanks for the Tips, and Fishing places.
Pictures are in no specific order, o yes the Gravel road to Mazepa is not as good as the one to wave crest Had a blow out on that road, so drive with care that way.