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 Posted: Mon Oct 15th, 2012 05:05 am
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No worries, my concern or input might have been a generalization of some dealings as you might be aware of. I do apologize if I offended you in anyway! Please do accept my apologies if you thought I am "attacking" you Well then good on you, I am glad you doing the right thing and I am sure all will go well! Another tip, you'll know this too, be beware of fellow lodge owners in your area, as jealousy reigns supreme in Moz..... Specially if the fellow lodge owners are going thru a rough patch and your progress is a success! Treat your workers with know what I mean, I pay my workers about 150%  plus more than the going rate with regards to salaries, I can assure you not a nut nor bolt went missing! I do run a small First Aid set up at my house, so they bring their kids with minor injuries to aid, panado ect.... Basic stuff.... appreciated by all.

I do not have a lodge but I am building a house on our quinta at Marracuene. Where are you situated in Xai Xai area on the Maputo side of the river or on the Xai Xai side? Please do post some pics of your set up! I might pop in for a fishing trip sometime.