Yellow fish Cape Town


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Good day guys,

I moved down to Cape Town almost 9 years ago and in this time ive embraced the cape trout fishing but must say i miss those yellows.

Does anyone have a spot i can hit in/near Cape Town
thanks in advance


The closest system with yellows to Cape Town is Olifants (Olifants, Doorn, Kobee, system) which has Clanwilliam and Sawfin (also yellow). The rest I will leave up to you to explore but it's worth while if you don't mind catching smallies in between.

In the Breede river system there are witvis (also type of yellow) difficult to target but there are some tributaries with them i.e. Buffeljags river, same as above, will have to find them between the bass and bluegill.

Best bet for a yellow fix is to head straight up to Orange, at least you know you will catch loads. East of Vioolsdrif is basically yellow paradise. Definitely worth hooking up with some of the guided trips if you don't have a kayak / canoe.