Wind On Leader


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Hi all. I have a grinder reel filled with 0.40mm nylon. Just joined an 8m 0.80mm wind on leader using a spider hitch in the main line to create a loop, and a cats paw to join the leader and main line together.

My question is this:

How will this effect casting performance? I'm concerned about the knot slowing the cast down resulting in less distance achieved.

Any input will be much appreciated. Thanks


Same effect as one would have if it was a multiplier casting the setup.

Having a leader you could power cast a 6oz using maximum force. Had you used just 0.40mm you wouldn't get the same distance because you wouldn't be able to power through the cast.

So with the leader you will end up casting further.

Even if you ended a few meters short you would have the leader to protect your line from damage from the fish and from structure in the water.