Who has a 'Bug-Out' bag?


How much food should a BOB have? As much as possible with attention to weight.

Our BOB's are designed around the idea that the "magical 72 hours" was developed to make "survival planning" not seem overly monumental for the wool-bearers in society. We've had fatal tornadoes and severe ice storms during the past few years, but nothing that required us to abandon our home.

If we do have to bail out (an absolute LAST RESORT) then our BOB's have seven days worth of food in them. This includes (each person's BOB has this much food):

BREAKFAST: (7) Packets of instant oatmeal
LUNCH: (1) 1200 calorie and (2) 3600 calorie MainStay Bars
DINNER: (7) Mountain House 2-Serving Entrees
MISC: (7) Bullion Cubes, (7) Packets of Sugar, (7) Tea Bags

Our BOB's also have well thought out fishing kits, and my wife's primary bug-out firearm is a Ruger 10/22 with a Leupold 2-7x33mm optic. [The idea is to try to passively fish and trap for as much food as possible to hold in reserve the BOB carried food. The 22 rifle can be used for hunting in route to our BOL - thus multitasking and not burning calories on a low-success food gathering plan].

I had 2 pounds of Rice and a jar of peanut butter in each kit, but I had to shave weight so those items were moved to a "Vehicle Food Box" We have a large Rubbermade container filled with Mountain House Meals, Peanut Butter, Rice, MainStay Bars, Lipton Noodle Packets, Foil Pouch Tuna, etc.

If we can bail out in our 4WD SUV then the bug-out-gear order of importance is:

1) BOB
2) Rifles
3) Food Tub
4) Ammo Cans
5) Water

(NOTE: Water is last because we live in an area with an abundance of water that can be made potable with our various BOB filtration and/or purification gear).

As a side note: My BOB weighs about 38 pounds. When I finalized my BOB I weighed around 185 pounds, but have been eating better and have lost some weight. At 173 pounds I don't have much fat left to lose, but my current weight puts the BOB at 22%.

As a general rule: Americans eat too much. This is the land of plenty, and we're all guilty of over indulgence! About a month before I out I have cancer, my wife and I embarked on a "metabolic mission" wherein we've started eating less. We've shrunk our appetites to about 1/3 of what they were before. My wife (5'-4" x 116 pounds) still has a high metabolism and eats about 1300 calories a day. I'm 5'-10" x 173 pounds (muscular / athletic build) and eat about the same (1300).

I lost 3-4 pounds a week until I plateaued at my current weight. If I eat 800-1000 calories in a day then my weight will drop about 1.5 pounds, but as soon as I pass 1000 calories I'll bounce right back to 173.

The reason for adding this information is: Survivalism is a lifestyle. If you're eating 3 Big Macs a day then you've not properly assessed: A) your health, B) what TEOTWAWKI will really be like. It would be much better to gradually reduce your caloric intake now (let your metabolism adjust to LESS FOOD) than to have to crash into a survival diet after having a 3000 Calorie x 80g of Fat diet.

My last thought on how much food should be in a well-thought out BOB:

When setting up a BOB the focus is generally on consumables.
When setting up an INCH the focus is generally on durables (tools, better shelter, etc).

I think the 72 Hour BOB concept is rubbish, and PEOPLE SHOULD BLEND THE BOB and INCH CONCEPT! By stretching the weight of a BOB up to 40 pounds (for an average man) and choosing your gear VERY carefully - you can easily get a week's worth of food plus the means to procure more as well as some of the durables typically found in an INCH ruck.

TEOTWAWKI - 'The End Of The World As We Know It'


Huge key is to keep it to bare minimum and as light as possible.

The big four are:

1. Shelter
2. Fire
3. Water/food
4. Self-defense/first aid

Here are a few ideas I have picked up reading some other forums

1. Shelter:
*Ponchos, bought some very inexpensive ponchos.
*Plastic garbage bags, double as a poncho or improvised as a tarp for a make-shift tent.
*Solar blanket, very thin and could double as a pad to sleep on.
*Nylon rope, about 1/4 thick, use to make a tent or lean-to shelter.
*Extra pairs of socks, dry feet are critical. Long-johns & tee shirts. Hat & gloves
*Folding saw blade

2. Fire: Good for moral, to provide light, warmth, to cook food and purify water, scare away wild animals.
*Bic lighter/zippo lighter, water/wind proof matches in a sealed container.
* Flint-rock, kindling like dryer lint, cotton balls
*Flashlights with extra batteries.

3. Food/water:
*A few MREs, hard-tack. Canned food like tuna & sardines, power-bars
*Water purifying tablets or swimming pool chloride tablets in a sealed container. Rule of thumb is one gallon of water per person per day.
*Container for water
*Fishing line, hooks, lead weight & corks.
*Folding shovel, to dig for roots, worms and other inviting morsels

4. Self defense:
*Mace or pepper spray
*Small caliber pistol & extra bullets
*Soap & alcohol wipes
*Bandaids, triple-action anti-biotic ointment. White tape, Tweezers or a plain 1st Aid Kit

Other items:

*A good, strong knife that will hold an edge(not a Crocodile Dundee type though)
*Whistle, to alert a search party
*Multi-function tool with 12 functions: screw driver(phillips and flat-head), cutting blades, puncturing point, folding pliers, can opener, file etc
*Small AM/FM radio

And of course a good 'knap-sack' to carry all this in.


Once your water, food, shelter and security needs are met, implementing activities that increase and maintain morale are an important part of a sustainable and effective group. In today's society, staying busy is not hard. You have many choices of entertainment, amusement, and places you can go at the spur of the moment. However, morale can quickly breakdown during a crisis if people are afraid, bored, jealous, or overbearing. The key is to create a system that includes:

1. Respect for others and leadership authority

2. Well defined responsibilities

3. Sense of increasing control of events and improving conditions

4.Enough work for everyone without overburdening just a few group members

5.A daily schedule that includes a balance of work, meals, sleep and personal grooming

6.Time to relax and reflect

In a high-stress survival situation, even small disagreements can turn into major group conflicts. Decide well before a crisis, what type of decision making process will be implemented. Will you conduct votes? Have a highly structured lines of authority? Everyone must be able to sanely live in the social environment you create.

It's all fine and well being prepared, making sure you have 'covered all the bases' but besides being able to make a nice fire and settling in for the night in your warm sleeping bag with your trusty steel of choice by your side what else would you guys consider taking along that could possibly boost morale. Of course keeping in mind there's not always space for the Monopoly...

I was thinking along the lines of a deck of cards, it doesn't take up a lot of space and can provide hours of fun for everyone.

Is there anything else you guys would suggest? It doesn't necessarily have to be a game.





Here's another great link...



Well gents, the last time I posted in this thread was in 2012, almost 3 years to the day and since then the political landscape of South Africa has certainly changed dramatically... :shock: Not to mention the current state of EISHKOM and the constant risk of criminals w.r.t. the orchestrated white genocide program changing our daily lives forever... When considering all this, how has it affected you willingness to prepare, if at all? And if so what have you done to negate not being prepared? For those who are interested in communicating with like-minded South Africans, here's an excellent link to where you can find them... http://www.survivalistboards.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=&f=141


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Hi Zulu I dont like the pic of the full highway. ha ha ha.

Yes there have been many changes and got some people thinking. Well I for one is busy converting my Landy into a self sustained camping machine ready for fun or the hard times that may follow. Its not ideal, I know but at least its a start where you can park off in a dessolate place and at least stay in some respectable manner. If You can get there on the back roads.

Would be interesting where this conversation leads.



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Hi Gents

Thought I might add my 20 here as the wife already thinks I'm mad.

But I'm not planning a bug out bag, but the bug out vehicle.

Started prepping a year ago and try each month to add to the accumulation.
Now I have small boat on trailer, and bought myself a second hand 4x4.the plan is to bug out with boat and all to either Botswana or Mozambique should the shit hit the fan.

In terms of preps and survival in have the following ready in my "man cave" as the wife calls it. All these items are packed ready to be thrown into bakkie or boat.
20lts bottled water (shop bought)
20 coke bottles filled with Tap water
40 empty coke bottles
4man tent
2man tent
2 blow up mattresses
2 blankets and 1 sleeping bag
Solar panel with battery and 3 led lights
1x small gas stove
1x small gas lamp
1x 3kg gas bottle with stove
2 small pots 1 pan
Picknick bag (those with 4x plates, cups and cutlery)
Emergency fishing box
Rod tube with 3 rods
First aid kit
Bag with matches (in bank bags) and firefighters and 1 lighter
Small tool kit
An axe knife combo kit
A fillet knife
3 fully charged torches

Emergency Foods:
2kg pasta
2kg rice
5kg Mielie meal
8 tins tuna
2 tins sweet corn
1 tin jam
2 tins baked beans
200 tea bags
200 sweeteners
1 tin instant coffee with Cremona
2lt long life milk
1kg sugar

It's not alot but its a start.

I keep a small stash of cash too. 500pula 1500mets and some Rands. (don't tell the wife)


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I forgot to add I always have 50lts of diesel and 25lts of petrol in containers as well as 3x empty 25lts containers


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Les has the right idea!
When I was still living in SA I also had preparations to expatriate to Botswana in a hurry. My 9mm Beretta even had a hidden spot in my vehicle ready for action.
Well I left SA 13 years ago and sold all that.
Today I still have a bag ready and try to keep a good supply of food.
The biggest threat I see (barring tsunami's and the like) is a solar flare and associated electronic blackout, this would mean No money, No power, No water, No comms in a   flash. And total immediate bedlam.
Several big ones have already occurred, the last one just before the industrial revolution. We are overdue for a biggie now.
Think about it.

In January we had a bad fire in a neighbouring town and all the towns around it had to evacuate. The fire was roaring toward us and it took 32 fire trucks to stop the blaze. We had 15 minutes to get everything we could in the cars and go. Once we got on the road it was chaos, traffic jams, shouting people and a massive black cloud coming towards us. Scary as hell.


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Funny you mention you moved to Australia, but with the political and other situations we are facing in S.A. Currently my wife and I have started a 5 year plan to move to Australia.

Unfortunately, South Africa is starting to look like it's going down a Zimbabwe path, I just hope we have enough time left. But that's why I have the bug out plan for if it comes before we are ready.

I have watched a ton of documentaries on Australia and it has an amazingly beautiful fauna and flora and coastline. It appeals to me. But in my research I have seen many ppl leave Australia and come back to sa after a few years. What is your opinion on Australia for a young family and the difficulty of integration? What problems have you experienced?

If you don't mind me asking...


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I must add for those interested, one thing that I have learnt from watching all the survival shows and read on all these websites is that regardless of whether you have a bug out bag, but out vehicl, but out house, or if you going to bunker down in your own property, it's always important to have ppl you trust to join you. For many reasons
Safety in numbers
Division of work
Array of skills
Array of knowledge
Array of resources
Help in emergencies
Back up when being attacked
Extra eyes and ears
And more

Most of my family and friends think it's crazy to prep, but I have etched into then that it may be crazy but should the trouble happen then they know to get to me or to contact me and for us to mission together


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BigLes wrote:

Funny you mention you moved to Australia, but with the political and other situations we are facing in S.A. Currently my wife and I have started a 5 year plan to move to Australia.

But in my research I have seen many ppl leave Australia and come back to sa after a few years. What is your opinion on Australia for a young family and the difficulty of integration? What problems have you experienced?

If you don't mind me asking...

Hi Les,
It's a good life in australia, Very safe, very low crime numbers, but its very hard to leave your home country and your people behind, my heart always yearns to go back, and always will. One thing, it's very expensive to live here, a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house on a small block of land in Melbourne will set you back $500k, this is why so many people leave, it's hard to earn enough to pay for property and have a good lifestyle. If you don't mind renting and you earn a good wage you'll be OK, also the country areas are much cheaper, but of course work is much scarcer. Currently the economy is not looking good, we have record low interest rates, but unemployment is rising and the government wants to raise taxes to pay back spiralling debt. Everyone is too used to earning stellar wages you see. The mining boom did that.


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Well I can only hope all goes well...

I am helping a new franchise spread it's wings now, and I have a hell of a lot of faith in this product, that's why I have invested so much into it, that I'm hoping I can branch out to Australia to be able to set up a future for my kids!



It seems every one who started out here went back to putting their heads in the sand.

Most preparation required is between your ears.
What are you prepping for should be the first question, otherwise there is no sense in prepping.
To do the right kind of prepping you need knowledge, that thing that is kept from the sheeple.

Nibiru and the pole shift is a reality. When this disaster comes by, there are different stages, if you make the wrong moves you have less chance of making it. This event, lasting many months with a few years after effect, requires longer time preparedness. You need to provide for when it has passed, because there may not be shops and infra structure around to go back to to survive from.
Previous descriptions when this event took place can be read on in the Kolbrin bible, Nancy Leader's Zeta Talk and there are some good Youtube Video's showing what to expect.
Signs that the world is preparing for this event is the massive Seed Vault (Sweden), underground bunkers by the elite, and more... This has also been warned on China Tv and Russian Tv for people to prepare for this. You won't find any of this on Western Tv or news because the communist NWO wants 90% of the people to die because according to them there are too many people on the earth, and they want to lessen the count to only so many that they can control to serve them.

WW3 is fueled and with it they want a disaster and at least a civil war in each country to break out. Global disaster so the Anglo-Zionist banks can as they did before, offer a solution afterwards to keep their money in control. Have a look at what "fractional reserve banking" is, and look on youtube for "all wars are bankers wars".

Religion is the next big one. Not hard to figure out that humanity has been had through 16 previous Jesusses and that religion is not what you think it is. I will offer one of many many links pointing this fraud out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cspe2R2xXTM Michael Tsarion Real Meaning Of Christian Symbolism
And here is what it does - http://in5d.com/religion-gives-us-the-worlds-largest-mental-disorder-religithexia/ religion gives us the worlds largest mental disorder
This is what they use to dumb you down.
Religion, ridiculous role models, money ego and materialism, divide and conquer techniques, television, education, health. The three main legs this deceit is standing on is religion, money and politics.

To sum it up, everything we live in is false, lies and nothing is as it seems. David Icke does a good job explaining it here Alex Jones & David Icke Satanism and Elite Pedophile Rings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J10qalF1hA

In our situation here, let me point a few perceptions out that was learned to you which is a lie -
"South Africa" is not a country because South Africa has no founding people. It is still an (illegal) English colony consisting of 5 countries and the Cape colony. These 5 countries are the Boer Republics, the internationally acknowledged country of the Boers, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zululand and the Transkei. The Cape was never claimed.
"South Africa" is not a "republic", a republic can only be maintained under a people of the same nation who the land belongs to, not in a democracy and or under "multiculturism" run under the English Westminster political system.
"Anti-Apartheid", as is forced in South Africa is nothing but genocide, the intent to destroy a people in part or as a whole as specified by Genocide-watch.org. Other people ruling over you is also referred to as alien subjugation forced on us as is stated by the UN's Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples which is described as "domination and exploitation which constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights", which is illegal to do.
Human Rights was finally discontinued in the 1913 and 1933's. The "constitution" is just a sound good thing which doesn't apply to humans. You can also try to get an alloidal title on your land you think you bought...
You are registered as a corporation with the government, the law says only a corporation's name is in capital letters. Now go look on your ID to see if you are a human or a corporation. Capitis Diminutio Maxima (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. JOHN DOE or DOE JOHN) - The highest or most comprehensive loss of human status. And you thought you had "human status" ? http://www.yourstrawman.com/
Everything you have to register, house, car, kids, even your marriage, is property of the state.

And this is just skimming the surface !

Once you know what you want to prepare for, only then can you begin to put some things together, and it doesn;t have to be bug "out", in most cased bug "in" may be more beneficial, you leave your place only if you absolutely have to. The reality is there may not be enough to survive on "out there", people are out of feeling and touch with nature, so to survive there may be a bit tough for most.

Even if the shaking power system fails, have you considered the consequences ? No water after a few days, no sanitation, no food, no fuel... MOST people will die in a few days of thirst and hunger or getting shot for trying to steal from someone else. Put a water tank up, get a water filter. You cannot drink swimming pool water with chemicals. Keep extra food, and something like a solar dish or something else long term sustainable. The dead not removed will cause serious illness everywhere, read what happens after a tsunami with all those dead bodies. Keep remedies for these illnesses.

Watch the weight. I started with the basics for a medical kit. It grew in time and three bag updates later I can carry out various operations, but I'm going to have problems carrying the bag. It is h e a v y.

Anyway, every one knows the basics. Water, food, security and help others to prepare also. If everyone is prepared, then the fiasco is greatly reduced.

The bottom line is make yourself independent from systems.

Good luck.


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Indeed an interesting read...

I, myself, believe that one of our most significant threats is of internal problems within our countries borders, be it civil war, mass genocide, etc etc...

This a meagre man such as myself could ATTEMPT to prepare for. Aspects such as polar shifts leave too much unknown to be suitably catered for. While yes you could try forecast, I feel this would be futile.

Although, mega events such as this or others could fall into your preps, you may be covering a few bases for any catastrophe regardless what your prepping for.

Underground bunkers and the like are out of reach for most of us.

But my prepping has not stopped since my last comments here. I am still an avid prepper. I have since started looking into the long term aspects of prepping or as I call it, surviving the aftermath. Here I have started stockpiling seeds of foods that are nutritious and fast growing. I have also started growing my own vegetable plants in small containers easily moveable, should we need to bug out. I also keep a few bags of compost for if we need to bug in. I have also expanded my water stores considerably, now storing 500litres in 5lt and 2lt containers. I have also found a bug out location out of this country, in a very remote area, and have made an arrangement with the owner for if an emergency should arise. Further to this, I have also invested in a substantially more significant medical kit than my first kit. I also have stockpiled some medicines, with a few under the table deals, so I have general antibiotics, anti-malaria, then your usual cold and flu varieties. Cold and flu medicines we rotate each time one of us become ill, we purchase new ones to replace used ones so that they do not expire.

I would like to get the security aspect better covered, but being in a rental property, there is only so much one can do. Now on the bug out side of things, I have gone for firearm training recently, but finding the price and process of purchasing a firearm some what restrictive at the moment. (I have 2 daughters who just started attending private school) This is a hard pill to swallow, thinking should the shit hit the fan I have only rudimentary means of protecting my family. While this will definitely only be for the immediate future, I will not give up on my plans. I was lucky enough to spend some time with an AK47, and I now fully understand why it is such a widely utilised gun, it is amazingly easy to use, very very accurate, and powerful. For a first time shooter, I was able to keep a full 25round mag at 12m in a target circle of 15cm on rapid fire. Most of the people on the range could not achieve this at 8m with a glock 9mm. (Yes yes im sure that its not very impressive to most experienced guys)

Anyways, I feel in my approach I cover a lot of bases, or atleast a good amount of important ones.


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Unfortunately SA seems to be heading down the road to revolution... backed by Western powers in an attempt to overthrow the communist Zuma regime.... question is: How bad will it get? Is SA the next Libya? Syria?