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Good Day All

Im looking for a new tent and want to know your opinion which would be better
Looking at the big combos and have narrowed it down to these two.
Tentco Senior Deluxe Extension Tent and the Campmor “Safari Bush combo Senior”

Both have the same size dome tent and the extensions are the same overall length, with the campmor only slightly wider 3.4m compared to the tentco which is 3m.

Campmor is made of 400 g/m2 Jackaroo ripstop canvas where the Tentco is Howard Safari Ripstop canvas 320gsm. So the Campmor is slightly thicker.

The campmor is R10600 and the Tentco is R9500 both from Outdoor.

I know a few people that have bought tentco and they are very happy with the quality as well as the after sales service from Tentco themselves.
Haven't heard anything about the campmor service anyone hand any issues.


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How long are you planning on camping? Longer periods or weekends only, and how many people are camping in it at any given time?


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Bought the Tentco canvas tent and couldn't be happier. if it is just me and a friend going i just take the dome but if its the wife and Kid i take the full setup. takes about an hour to setup but love it. Doesn't move in the wind and rain isn't a bother, bugs not an issue either. When i have the family i sleep in the extension so that i can get to my rods easier and found that it is warmer than the normal nylon tents