Which Braid brand is your go-to brand for your Grinder (2023 Poll)?


Berkley Braid
BOSS Braid
FM Pro Braid
Grinder Braid
JDB Braid
Perline Braid
PowerPro Braid
Shimano Braid
Sufix Braid
eisch, too many!!!

on my small penn clash 4000 grinder i have boss braid 20lb, the 200 meter spools.
they are cheap to swop out quickly if you have lost some and you are getting too close to your backing.
this is my everyday spinning setup when surf fishing.
on the daiwa bg 4000 i have 26 lb gator braid, and it works well. for shad fishing from the surf but i also use it from the boat.
much better braid and thicker then the boss 20lb.
on the daiwa bg 5000 i have 50lb gator braid which works well for spooning, popping and live bait fishing.
it has worked well so far.
here is a saily we got on the gator braid:

on my penn clash 6000 i have berkley black velvet 55lb. also used for spooning, popping and live bait fishing.
its been on the reel for ages and its still holding up good.
here is a big saily we got on the black velvet:


Some nice fish Willem!

Probably easier to say what not to use.
No.1 crap braid is Spiderwire, will be better off using dental floss.
Fireline is quite thick and I think there is braid at the same price point that better suited to grinders (also starts fraying like the Spiderwire but not as bad).
I have been using Grinder, BOSS, SFX, Fireline, HMP, JBraid, PowerPRO, JDB, Perline etc. all without any real issues. Most of them loose their colour after the first season but all have remained fairly strong. Really comes down to price point and what you want to catch with it.

I must add though that I have been using 30lb Techni Perline backing with 40lb JDB Ultra Tech on my surf setup, hooked a buss bronze on the setup which ran me into the backing several times and both braids held up perfectly for more than 1h30. Unfortunately got cut off after dark on a nearby reef but I was thoroughly impressed and have much more confidence in especially the really thin 30lb Perline.