vreemde bloublasies spoel hier uit


Is dit nie stukke van 'n jellievis nie? Ek het al jellievisse wat soortgelyk lyk gesien uitgespoel by Witsand.


Is daai jellyvisse maar n algemene gesig?

Sparra, yes they are supposed to be common in our water, although I agree with you its a species I have not seen often


Geographic Range
Compass jellyfish are found in coastal areas of the northeast Atlantic Ocean, particularly in the Celtic, Irish, and North Seas (greatest abundance between 50.0°–52.0° N). They are also found in the Mediterranean Sea and coastal regions of South Africa. (Doyle, et al., 2007; Hays, et al., 2008; Mariottini and Pane, 2010)

Biogeographic Regions palearctic native ethiopian native atlantic ocean native
Compass jellyfish are marine organisms that live in cold or temperate waters (between 4°C and 28°C) relatively near the coast in continental shelf regions. Adults can usually be observed near the surface of the water, but when currents near the surface become too rough, they are known to dive deeper in the water column (down to 26.9 m) and can be found just half a meter from the seabed. Overall, it is uncommon for this species to be found below 30m. (Buecher, et al., 2001; Doyle, et al., 2007; Fish and Fish, 1989; Hays, et al., 2008; Houghton, et al., 2007; Mariottini and Pane, 2010)