Ultra Light Grinder rod build in Australia - advice needed


Hi All

Posting from Australia, things on the rock and surf front are a bit different here... it feels like the range of rods available is extremely limited with almost no "grinder" style spin rods - although we do get some Assassin's here. Plainly put, the rods that I have handled in the shops are kak (man I miss South African shops like Ganis, Timols, etc.).

I have resigned myself to the fact that the majority of the fish I will likely catch on the shoreline are small to a bit bigger than "pansize": whiting, herring, skippy and bream with the odd lost Australian salmon. With that being said, the "light" setup that I have is way too strong to get some enjoyment out of it, I want to build a long light grinder rod that will be primarily be for catching small (<300mm) fish; I want to make a bit of a bastardisation of an South African "grinder" spinning rod (real seat further back with the bottom hand controlling the line release on the cast) and an match style feeder rod (lightweight enough to enable me to reel in/play a fish using mostly my wrist with the rod butt resting against my elbow/forearm - typical feeder rod scenario), not even sure if it will work, but only one way to find out.

I can source a Templar 12' light surf blank that seems to be a fit for the application, as I want a longer blank to keep my line above the waves as well to allow for a bit more casting distance when needed (casting small weights at structure). Reel size used will likely be in the 4000 to 5000 Shimano range fitted with PE 1 braid, so I need to make sure that I get the reduction train right. With the reel seat a bit further back I will also likely need a few extra.

If you had to build the above, how would you approach it with regards to real seat position, guide trains, etc? Luckily the Post Office works here so I can source most components.

I am very new to rod building (only one 7' kit) so all comments are appreciated.