Trout on dropshot/spinners


Hi guys. This is definitely not a purist way of fishing, but has anyone ever tried flyfishing with dropshot worms for Trout? Maybe the smaller worms that could actually be cast out easily?

I’ve heard of people using small mepp spinners on their flyrod as well. Apparently Trout don’t leave the mepps alone.

It would probably not be allowed at most trout lodges, but I’m curious to test it a family friend’s dam.

Anyways, let me know if anyone has ever tried an unconventional way of “flyfishing”


Good day Jannus,

I have caught many big trout on spinners and with earthworm on waggler float, it is way too easy to catch them like this vs fly
I agree, much easier than with a fly. You will however get a few looks from fellow anglers. Most places don't allow it though.

Small spinners and curlytail work like a charm.


Years ago it was against the law to use anything but fly gear for trout but not sure if it is still the case. Most waters will only allow fly gear. You cane them on spinners sodropshot will probably work well also. They are predators.