Trip to Tago

Was daar vroer die jaar!daar is ongelooflik baie vis!Tussen 2 van ons met 4 stokke het ons 134 visse gevang in 2 dae. Dit wissel van groote maar die grootste was n baber van 14kg. Beste aas was n ertie gedoop in groen florocien. Maar hulle byt op als!



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Howzit Aubrey

Thanks for the feedback boet! I must say ive only heard good things about Tago!

Did you take your lines in with a canoe or cast?
What did you get your barbel on?

heavy excited to go now!


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Aubrey, sorry but when you say ertjie do you mean peas? If so, do you get them in the can like koo mielies or another way?


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I go there very often as it is my countrmen who runs the place and there is huge amount of fish. No boats , no noise.

Canoe is must - you have to take very far bait . 120 - 200m . And you have to feed and mark the spot . At least 40 kg of cooked corn will do .

No fish close by - only small.

Barble - if you lucky to catch some mudfish ( earth worm and white dough) - you will have barble in minutes . Night is best  , by  18: 00 you must have bait in  - and then no sleep for rest of night - my biggest was 18.5kg and many just under that weight.

Lot's of carp in 4-5 kg range - rare big once - Bait > nothing special - corn backed up with sweet dough above and dip in green florescence color  .
Lots of anglers drop molasses mixed ground feed.
On this place carp is use to sweet stuff

On members  side  is much more fish and huge amount of Grass carp . On casual side is deeper and more barbel

Be patient  as you have 30 km of gravel road - it takes time as some parts are very bumpy


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Thanks D5!

Appreciate the info! Cannot wait to get out there next weekend! In search of a pb barbel so will def stick a few baits out.

Zorro sounds like an awesome guy.


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Hi guys, robrockstar we are also going there this coming weekend. Can't wait to catch some fish. I haven't fished over a year now, so we are going to have a good time and try to catch some fish. I'm going to cast I just hope I catch some fish even if it's smaller fish. You must enjoy your trip there

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D5 wrote:
At least 40 kg of cooked corn will do .

Hey guys, Sorry to revive such an old thread but found this point very intriguing. When you say 40kg of cooked corn, is this the same mielie bomb corn (costing a fortune) or a 10kg ACE maize meal you buy from PnP? How cooked is cooked, ready to eat cooked?

Took my step son's for their first fishing experience last week by Parys on the river and due to the heavy winds we all blanked. So thought best to take them to my favourite spot TAGO but haven't been there in a few years due to other life happenings. Its the youngest one's 10th birthday so really want him to be able to catch his 1st fish. ;)


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Owner Zorro ( Zoran ) my countryman died 3 years ago , so not sure is the place still going .
Corn , is cheap dry corn that you need to boil for good 1.5 hrs and previously soak for two days . Yes ,to be ready for eat.
Tago is a place where you have to take lines very far out ( members side ) Unless you were catching just in front of Zorro’s small house . Never been on other side .
Parys and that area is very poor when it comes to catch . You have to go further past Bothaville towards Leudoringstad . We tried many places on Vaal River and settled on one place . Nothing came close to this place right at overflow . On the side where water drops down . We had days where you count to 5 after casting and you have a decent carp of 1-4kg fighting like large yellow as for high content of oxygen in water . Poor days will end in 10 fish per fisherman . Barble bites throughout winter . Huge one - one was on 23kg most from 7-15kg . Live grassie when you can catch them. Otherwise muddy head . Or plattie if you can get some. On hyacinth days you can catch grassie as large as 20kg . We had opportunity to hire boat house from owner after many years fishing in front of his house where we stayed full weekends and drove up all the way to overflow . Some memorable days . Not sure if they still offer fishing at their house . It was pricy but worth it .



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Hi D5 thanks for the info. Tago is still going, I've been been in communication with either Zorro's wife or daughter on his old cell number as that was the only way he and i communicated. As it is my Fiance's first trip to Tago we will be staying in the Wendy hut. Unfortunately i no longer have a canoe to take the lines out but will make the best of it unless i can find an affordable one on gumtree in the next day or two.

Those are some seriously impressive fish you caught at overflow, do you have any contact details that you are willing to share please?

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A little report of our wkn trip to Tago.

On our way to Tago we made a pitstop on the R716 at a farm to buy a secondhand Legend Makara Kayak. The timing worked out very nicely as we were able to push on from there. We arrived on Friday round 14:00 and setup and had lines in the water by 15:00.

As this was my Fiance's first trip to Tago we booked one of the wendy hut and this meant we had to fish on the day visitors side for the first time.

All in all the weather but more importantly the wind played its part and by the time we packed up yesterday morning we had caught 17 fish in total and my 11 year old son had lost 4 but nevertheless we all had an awesome wkn.