This is probably the best video I've seen on how t


Ja, ja..Psy, have you tried to tie it the different methods? The last vid posted was the first way I got into tying it, I do the wraps like the IGFA video shows now though, much easier and quicker than the original way. There is another video by the "salt strong" guys that also shows this way.

Don't know so much about their finishing, I make more half hitches so there is less chance of the mono tag catching, as well as making a little smooth knob with lighter, as I'm spinning with the knot. If I have to retie a leader in the action I'll just do the same way as the IGFA way basically though, if I have time I'll do more half hitches for a ramp and treat the bulb of mono with more time as opposed to cut chopping it flush. Either way I'll do a half hitch on the braid, then an opposing direction one, to lock the tension, half-hitches in the same direction slip.

Tie it and pull the cr@p out of it, the only way to test a knot..



Im really knot sold on this knot....;)

I am confident with Bob's knot.

His knot makes more Sense, as it passes my guides without restriction and I have full confidence.

Im still practicing and will try to make some knot sense of it someday soon




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I used to use a bob sands variation, didn't think id change, but FG is way better. Especially with Thicker leaders like 1mm and over which we use for big yellow tail.