Theo Pienaar wins the Nissan at the Rasspl Nationals


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Theo Pienaar wins the Nissan at the Rasspl Nationals

Standing in the Prize giving function room with his chosen key for the final draw of the evening, Theo Pienaar looked none the worse for wear, as the tournament alone, as he said was “so lovely to be a part of and so well organized” that the car would be nothing but a bonus.

His spirit was so high, he even tried to cut a deal with the 4 other draw members to split the winnings, but they declined his suggestion.

As the evening drew to a close, the 5 were led down to the car where Johan Kruger’s son Michael was first to get into the vehicle to attempt a start, but the tear in his eye showed that he would not be the lucky man tonight.

Second was Rudolf Tome for the Heaviest White Steenbrass of the tournament at 92cm. With his hands and body shaking nervously, it took a while to get the key to the ignition, never mind trying to start it, but his luck too ran out for the evening. Third, it was Derek Nicholson who calmly took the seat for his 100cm Kob.

He sat there for a minute, almost praying that today, was his lucky day, but again the key failed to turn.

With beer in hand and soaking wet, old Theo jumped into the Nissan, threw the key into the ignition and suddenly………….

There was nothing, but a sight for sore eyes as he sank his head onto the steering wheel and a loud a minute of silence before he “turned” the key.

The roar of the crowd was breathtaking. The vehicle lights shone, the engine roared and the Rasspl Members were so excited to see such a good man win the vehicle after a tournament of excellence.

Theo got out of the vehicle with tears rolling down his face, screaming for his phone…. it was time to call his wife and let her know, that all the trips to Rasspl events had just paid off and he was bringing her a new car.

“It’s the first time I have ever won anything!!” said Theo as he thanked Andre’, Mike and Shawn for the opportunity to be part of such a great event.

Dave Kemp, Top Dog for Rasspl Nationals 2014 and 5th contender in line for the car screamed just as hard for Theo showing his spirit within the sport. “next time” he said, “it will be my turn”.

RASSPL AFRICA congratulates Theo for all his efforts in winning the grand prize and assures all its members that the Nationals 2014 was just a stepping stone of things to come.


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