All the talk of braid knots and strength etc, etc got me worried and when I lost a big fish when my then Suffix backing popped (at the Bi-mini) on a bronzie, I read even more and then started testing and testing and retesting.

Today I got a sample braid (no-name brand) directly from a manufacturer to test, interesting they state excellent Linear strength without knot on their packaging.

Micro metered at 0.30mm consistently
Linear strength un-knotted on 15 breaks 22.6kg

Now the interesting thing. I did 20 breaks with bimini's ranging from 25-40 turns. The more the turns the lower the breaking strain. Knot broke between 13 and 16kg. I think this is the issue with most off the braids as their mechanically tested tensile strengths are accurate but the majority loose significant strength as soon as you knot it.

I made use of the stitch knot as pictured and it did not break on the knot once and consistently broke at 20.5 - 23kg. I didn't even hitch the tag end, I threaded it through itself 15 times and then trimmed it off at the braid and it never slipped once.

Drawback here if you're fishing very expensive braid ie. Whiplash, when it does pop it may be with 400m braid out which is expensive.

On the upside this knot gives another 20% breaking strain and therefore more stopping power, in theory your nylon should pop before the braid does so I'm going with the stitch. Rather than that sickening pop feeling as the braid parts at the bimini and you loose your line, your rig and most importantly a TROPHY fish.



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Next was the test with the Bimini with differing tightness in wraps, amount of turns etc, etc but when pulled without nylon being attached they all broke 20-35% below measured tensile strength.


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I finally did the test with the stitching of the braid, which delivered top results.  Contrary to general thinking it doesn't take as long as one would think and because braid is woven you can thread the needle between the strands without damaging them.

Just where will I now keep a needle in my tackle box (if possible get one with a rounded end [darning needle]) as it will not damage your braid that is being stitched.


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High tensile strength "Without Knot"

Answers many questions???????????????


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Thanks for the nice post Enigma. This knot sure seems to be strong and destined for use by a lot of SA anglers...

Just as a matter of interest... this knot is not new at all, contrary to popular belief. It's proper name is Tanaka's Loop, after the famous Japanese Game fisherman, Shigeshi Tanaka, who developed the knot back in the late 1990's. 2c.