Tago - Vaal Dam 28 - 30 Oct


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Okay guys, so on Friday I head to work with my bakkie fully loaded and looking forward to 12h00 so I can hit the road to Tago.
I fished the venue with very good results a month back in a 22 hour day/night session and headed there this time with a game plan in mind. Bigger carp on 110m and targeting bait fish with 2 x 6 foot rods on 20m.
By 17h00 the rod were in and loaded. By 17h50 I had one fish from the 20m spot and one from the 110m spot.

Throughout the weekend I caught alot of fish and to be honest I didn't keep track as hit was hectic with two rods running at the same time in some cases.

The 110m spot on Friday night produced only fish above 2kg with the biggest at 5kg, I also picked up a 4kg baber on White FX and small dough. On Friday night I was getting my fish on Cherry Pips and Perdeby on the bomb, on Saturday they went off the bite untill I changed my combo to very small plain doughs with HKGK and DevilsFork on the bomb, all Supercast products and SVB feed.

On the 20m spot is where I had the most fun and picked up 5 species, muddies, smallmouth yellow, grasscarp, carp and baber. I had 6 foot LTB boat rods and through big bombs to get the spots going and fished worms, rysmiere and small doughs. The muddies where the first I had caught and I liked the fact that it had been my strategy to target them, they only went for Banjo on the bomb and small plain dough. The rest really went for anything with very small baber being annoying when it came to worms and rysmiere.

I stopped fishing for carp at 13h00 on Saterday and getting my rigs and bait ready for big baber on Saterday. I had caught a 10kg and a 7kg on the Friday but I was looking for one over 15kg and with bait collection that went well I wanted to target them. As my baber baits were in, two storms hit in succession with the wind causing havoc. My tent and gazebo stood up to the test but everything was full of dust and loose items were scattered across the bank.
I did however get a pickup on the baber baits but that was also havoc, during the storm a 6kg baber picked up my one bait but wasn't baber enough to move the 4oz sinker so it was just jerking the rod once a while, I thought it was just a small baber playing with the bait and left it untill I got a proper run. I quickly hit the shower and on my return I was just in time for my other rod running into the deep. With the pickup I could see and feel something was wrong after about 15mins I saw the issue. The bigger baber was pulling the one around that had swam across my other line. So it couldn't put up a proper fight but all in all both where on the bank. And also about 60m of damn expensive braid gone to hell.
I stopped fishing after that and went to bed and packed up early this morning before more wind picked up.

All the "bigger babers were caught on carp heads.

What I learned:
Do not fish your baber rods close to each other on a pod. Space them out. Also, bigger baits should be left even if it was picked up twice. My one grasscarp bait came back scaleless after it was picked up twice.

Also, work according to a plan and stick to it. Enjoy the picks guys.


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When you fish alone and the fish doesn't understand the "timer shot" on the camera.


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First ever muddy...loooove them, when you strike they actually breach the water.

Couldn't get it over my heart to use the as baber bait, haha.


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