Surfcasting shark leader question


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For those who surfcast for sharks I have a question here.

I have a interest in using a South African style leader in the surf. In picture uploaded I made a test leader South African style. My question is for the fisherman who tie mono from the sliding swivel above the mono stopper to the grapnel sinker that sits on the bottom part of dingle dangle...

Do you guys occasionally lose sinkers from shark bites through the mono that is attached to the grapnel sinker. Getting stuck on structure is one thing but is it frequent or is it a low occurrence getting cut from shark teeth? Just curious.

In picture I used these components:
-6ft or 1.8meter nylon coated cable
-80lb or 0.90mm mono for stopper
-80lb or 0.90mm mono to tie from from sliding swivel above
mono stopper to grapnel sinker
-135lb or 61kg nylon coated cable for dingle dangle
-#8 stainless steel washer bottom part of dingle dangle

(I set my mono stopper at 2.6ft or 0.79m from the hook of the of the 6ft cable leader)


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Welcome to Sealine.

Yoh, that sinker snoot nylon is clearly quite thick!!!
Sharks are not concerned about what they feed on. if line is in the way, it will be bitten off.
Getting that 6ft nylon coated through the guides smoothly could be a concern and a guide long levity aspect.

we normally use 0,50mm sinker snoot nylon, some would use heavier.
you can go less, it depends on your sinker casting weight.

Out of 10 live baits slide out on the Natal North coast we get picked up 8 times by sharks.
in that we would loose maybe 2 sinkers, depending on surf conditions.

Our surf conditions are very different to yours, our sinkers get berried deep at times and on vicious takes we tend to loose sinkers.

But feel free to ask more questions, we are here to assist.


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Thanks for response. The 6ft leader I created will be outside the guides. Heavier braided leader goes inside the guides fg knot to mainline braid.

Ok so bite offs do happen to grapnel sinkers but not often. Something to think about then.... Maybe I can work on a sinker snoot to reduce lose of sinker. Half lite wire connected to half mono to the sinker....
Thanks again,JR