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What is a stepped leader? I want to  decrease my diameter line to .18mm. Can I then add one rod lenght of .35mm and then my normal leader line...?

Or is there another type of leader line I can use with .18mm line?


Hi PI,

With 0.18mm line you can use up to a 0.40mm leader without a step down.

Check the Spyker leader knot in the knots and rig section:

I personally use the 0.28mm Reflector or Camo for weights up to M2 and the the 0.35mm for Bigger weights.

The same knot can be used with a braid leader but wrap the braid 8-10 times around the double nylon.

To answer the actual question is where a leader is made with a main leader of 1.6 times the length of the rod, lets say 0.35 then 1m of 0.28 then 1m of 0.22 then your mainline.

I find it to be to much hassle and just more knots to hook on a guide etc so I go straight from mainline to leader, if you rod guide spacing is right your leader won't bunch up and catch the guides


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Thanks, another great reply. I knew that there must be better leader knot than the one I"m using. :)

Dean Slater

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hey Pi.
Another one for distance casting is to use about 30cm of leader, jus so it goes through the first guide, this section is where 80% of the force is when casting, hence you always snap off at the actual rig when casting hard. just thought you might want to know.....