ST Lucia

Ruds 1982

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Hi guys, want to find out is drop shot allowed in St lucia on the shore? What species can be caught this time of year?

What types of lures works well? Bucktails? Soft plastics? Spoons?

Thank you;)
Yes you can do drop shot fishing.

this time of the year you could get yellow tail "black tip kingfish.
grunter and pompano on it.
bone fish is around too.

what works....I do not know as I do not do that facet of angling.

all the best, hope you get stretched.
st lucia is open beech

so try all the gullies. if need be, take a stroll down to maphelane, about 5km south due to the new parking area and no go zone to old mouth area via vehicle.

north towards first rocks always has gullies.

first rocks is anout a 7km stroll, so travel light.

and enjoy.
very good fishing at times, it could just go very well.
water is very clean. so for bigger gamefish, try early mornings and late afternoons into darkness.
now with the full moon you can fish longer