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Eish, Mango?! On the day of engagement!! LOL:shock:

Good for you she still married you though. She was probably just didn't want to mess up that romantic day:lol:1


Anyways, better all be careful with that equipment. (Sharp parts) Need supervision lol


I put a cork over my hooks when I am doing anything with a trace.... and hold the hook with pliers when cutting bait off...etc



Seriously!! That hook in the backside is awesome!! "Bummer" indeed!! ::rofl:

Now the hook in foot is intense but the eye is just something else all together!! :shock::shock::shock:

Had a shard of steel in my eye from a section of 49 strand trace wire not too long ago and that was HELL !! The hook in the eye can only be beyond description!! Did "eye" hear you say MORPHINE !! Put me in an induced coma - seriously!! I do not wanna know about that discomfort!! I was miserable as hell with my tiny foreign object! The meds were good though! Hehehe..


Just an observation.. What crappy lure is that he got himself smashed with? Looks like some home made effort..


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holy sh#tballs, that just sent a shiver down my spine, i have had some real bad luck too...
hook through the hand
treble hook under the fingernail
my brother had a gaff through the leg
my dad had a rapala caught on his ankle too...

not pretty gents:cens


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I'm going to keep my sunglasses on AT ALL TIMES in future... This has got to be one of the most horrific things that can possibly happen to someone.

Just the thought of what it must feel like to have that in your eye... Gives me goosebumps...


uh uh nee man! this is xcary stuff!

Anyone had someone else walk into your line while baiting up? and wham! hook atraight into your hand along with some bait just for good luck?

Has happenned to me twice, now i take precautions. Haha just like i put my hand out when walking through sliding doors. Ran through one once and a broken nose was enough to remind me to check each time.....

Frikkie Deysel

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Instead of catching a fishy, i ended up cathing myself. Dont try to tighten a knot whit your teeth... Lol


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Laugh is on me this time... Had to get it cut out by a doctor. Taking my shoe off lost balance and stepped onto the spoon I'd been using. Clever :)


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This has to be one of the best illustrations of pain when it comes to our little mishaps at waters edge.

Would not like to suffer through this one at all !!!!


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Elke sport het sy beserings...lol Ek wil glad nie 'n hoek in my he soos op een van die pics is nie. Daai oog foto vat nou die koek! :cool::cool::cool: brille sal maar op bly!!!