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   Be Careful with Fishing Hooks!

                             What are foreign bodies?

Foreign bodies refer to any objects that are in the eye that are not meant to be there. The foreign object may be in the conjunctiva (a thin membrane that covers the actual eye) or in the cornea (the clear, dome-shaped surface that covers the front of the eye).


The picture below of a hook embedded in a persons eye through the cornea, looks gruesome, definately painful and could result in serious permanent eye damage and visual complications.



What do I do if I see this happen ?
First aid for a fish hook in an eye
Do the following and then seek emergency care:
  • Do not try to remove a fish hook from an eye, eyelid, or near an eye.[/*]
  • Do not put pressure on the eye.[/*]
  • Cover the eye and fish hook with a metal patch, a cup, or even a paper cup.
    • Covering the eye prevents motion of the hook.[/*]
    • Be very careful not to put pressure on the hook or the eye.[/*]
  • If possible, cover the uninjured eye. The injured eye will move less if the uninjured eye is covered. This may prevent further damage to the injured eye.[/*]
Inability to remove a fish hook
Do not attempt to remove a fish hook (seek care instead) if any of the following is true:
  • The fish hook is in or near an eye. See First aid (above)[/*]
  • The fish hook appears to be in or around a joint, in a bone, or deep in a muscle. [/*]
  • You are concerned that removing the fish hook may damage nearby blood vessels or nerves.[/*]
  • The person who is injured is uncooperative.[/*]
  • You are afraid to remove the fish hook.[/*]
The longer a fish hook is left in a puncture wound, the greater the chance of infection and delayed healing. A health professional can remove the fish hook for you and clean the wound properly to prevent infection and promote healing.

Because the cornea is the most anterior structure in the eye, it's susceptible to insult in many forms—abrasions and lacerations, embedded foreign bodies (eg. metal filings, wood splinters) , and burns resulting from a variety of sources. The cornea has a paradoxical role in trauma. It takes a great deal of punishment, protecting the more delicate ocular structures within the eye.


Injury can cause structural changes to the cornea.


The most common are corneal abrasions caused by sand particles ( foreign bodies), fingernails, paper sheets which normal heal without any permanent damage .  Corneal penetration below a certain level will result into permanent scars which dramatically could affect sight if centrally located.



rusty corneal foreign body



If a foreign body is seen in the eye, it may be removed with a small cotton applicator or by washing the eye out with saline (sterile saltwater).


If a corneal abrasion (a scratch or injury to the cornea) is detected, treatment may include:

  • [*]A patch over the eye may be used to help decrease level of discomfort. A patch is usually required for 12 to 24 hours. [/*] [*]Close follow-up with your doctor / eyecare practitioner is needed to assure that the abrasion heals completely. [/*] [*]Severe abrasions or cuts into the cornea will be managed by an eye specialist because of the increased risk of damage to the eye. [/*] [*]An antibiotic ointment may be placed in the eye. [/*]

If penetration goes in deep into the eye and affects the lens it can result in a traumatic cataract (cloudiness of the lens due injury) or even dislocation of the lens.


Penetrations and Laceration require immediate emergency care even if pain has subsided and nothing can be seen, since the cornea can become desensitized and the object could have penetrated deep into the eye and result in internal damage and depending on the nature of the material can result in infection.




from now on im never taking my glasses of in fact I think I should buy a pair

of welding goggles lol:p

thanks junaid for that 

I wish I hadden eaten though an now my wife says shes never letting me go fishing again.

Cheers riymos


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That has to be one of the most disturbing images i have ever seen. That poor guy must been in alot of pain...:shock:

Riymos..Think im also gonna get a pair of welding goggles:cool:


yo nivs

what you think happened to this poor owe

you know what i think i think his a die hard i think after they took the hook out he went straight back fishing lol.::H


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Thats really really bad. I also hate the cumming through sh*t. Thats why I love the open surf to fish. I keep away from the piers (sunkist is ok)

Another thing that is dangerous is the sinker hitting you when you pulling or reeling in you sinker, especially at night. I had a few close encounters. I thank GOD it hit the rod or i just managed to get out of the way....


Yeah blade

Im with you only thing is we need to let guys know about this sort of thing

especialy when the shad are thick it becomes chaos on the piers the guys think the shad are running away.......

I saw a guy cast his grap at a surfer and when it hit it sunk into his surf board

shew.. lucky for the surfer it wasnt his head...

Mornay Ruth

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On the button, Blade. That sinker comes through like a missile sometimes. Even more dangerous when using grapnels! Another pointer, always check your trace knots before you cast. I was throwing an 8 ounce with my big stick. As I cast, the sinker trace parted from the leader. I couldn't see where the sinker went to, but about 5 seconds later it landed about two feet from me. I would have been stone dead had it fallen on my pip! That sort of thing can cause serious injury to bystanders as well.


Shew !

Happened to me this morning on North Pier, 5oz missed a Fiat Palio by inches .... Would've had to replace the chap's windscreen ....

U rite there Mornay, have to check those knots each time you cast.



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I've gotten a hook into me.. Twice, actually!
Once in my Leg & the second;
The closest to my Cornea, Was in my nose!!!
But it was easy to take out both times... lol

It was when I went surf-fishing with a friend. The first time, His hook must've gotten washed up by the current into my leg as we were standing partially in the water.
The second time, I reeled in too fast.


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My dad was fly fishing on the boat and I was behind him, next thing I know I felt a sharp pulling sensation on my EYE LID!!! He had hooked me in the right eye lid, but luckily it didnt penetrate deep enough to get into my cornea... Moral of the story.... watch where you cast

Shame my pops felt pretty bad about it


out fly fishing I hooked my fiance and gave her a new ear piercing at that time she was not to inpressed but we still got maried


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Haha.. Mango,

You two must be really close then, hey?!!::S

Nice...:walk You must've been really afraid of her at the time! Lol...:hyst:


Raphi I craped myself it was the same day that we got engaged was at little dam in the Drakensberg .
Yea we were and still are very close ::S


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got hooked in the hand once,slipped while tying a rig,tightening the knot n my hand slipped down the leader clean into the rapala's trebble..a clever uncle came n clipped the hook on the shank n it just submerged under the skin.had to get it surgicaly removed,local anes ,stitches etc...moral of the story,if you get hooked in the flesh,leave it there till you get to a doc or someone who knows wat they doing..